Nun gibt es auch einen norwegischen Knoten: . Die Seite ist noch etwas leer, aber jeder hat ja mal klein angefangen. Damit gibt es nun insgesamt sechs Knoten, und zwar:

Und hier noch ein Hinweis für alle, die sich auch für einen eigenen Knoten interessieren. Dazu zitiere ich unsere (englische) Startseite:

Due to the fact that is a non-profit project run by volunteers, unfortunately we do not really have the capacity to run a worldwide caching plattform or provide full international user support on our own. We need your help to build a real worldwide opencaching network. If you want to support our project, you may host your own opencaching node for your country. The idea is to have several opencaching nodes for different countries around the world with a synchronized database of users and caches. If you want to launch an new opencaching site in your country, please get in contact with us. We will provide you with the necessary source code and some support for the first setup. Besides that, you may support us by translating the opencaching software into your language or by offering email support for your country. We will implement your translation on until a native node will be available in your area.

In diesem Sinne: Keep growing!