Heute vor zehn Jahren erblickte die Travelbug-Alternative geokrety.org das Licht der Welt.
Dazu sagen wir mal ganz laut ALLES GUTE und verweisen noch auf diese Info der polnischen Entwickler:

A bit of a history. The plan was to quickly build a service with
similar functions as travelbugs – but free of charge, and similar
to geolutins, but much simpler to use. The initial draft of the system
was done within a few days, then few weeks of the community
testing and the launch: 26th October 2007 at 20:36 CEST. It was as
crude as a bare metal – no email notifications (just RSS), no fancy
graphics (this still remains true:), just one type of GeoKret (now
we have several), only two types of log.

You can look at the one of the first snapshots of the GK service at
web.archive.org (yes, 176 registered GeoKrets, 168 users. But
the frontend of the service means nothing without YOU, the users!
Thanks to you we’ve recently reached the GKFFFF (which means
16^4=65536 registered geokrets!). With over 102637000 km done
by all of the geokrets, we are now at the 68% of the distance from
the Earth to the Sun. We believe that during the next few years we
will arrive there :)

Recently, thanks to the superhuman effort of our new developer kumy
we migrated the service to the new server. You should expect the
better performance and reduced downtime (to zero, we hope!).
Meanwhile, we are working on the new, refreshed and improved
version of the service (want to contribute? email us!).

Herewe would like to make an announcement: during the next
few weeks we will ask you for some donations for the new server
(details will be provided soon). In return, we will offer a limited
number of anniversary coins and stickers.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get those unique items!

So – thank you for the past ten years and hope to see you in 2057
during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the service!

Here are also some doodles prepared for this occasion:

Your GK Team!



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